Peggy Gannon

Director, Actor, Special Assistant


Peggy Gannon first directed at Schmeater in the summer of 2011, with Adventures in Mating, and is honored to be back! Peggy has been a working actress, director and producer in Seattle since settling here in 1994, and is currently the Managing Director of MAP Theatre. Peggy was a founding member in 1995 of the critically acclaimed comic theatre & sketch group, Bald Faced Lie (R.I.P. 2005). She has participated in countless 14/48 festivals, and was a longtime member of the steering committee. She has partnered several times with solo performer Mark Boeker to craft and direct his original work. Other favorite directing experiences include Autobahn at Re-bar, and Quickies at Live Girls!. As a performer, she has been lucky enough to perform with more theatres around town than she can count on both hands. Seattle is rich in the arts, and Peggy is grateful for this community and for the fact that you are here this evening. JAN 2013

Plays at Theater Schmeater

Reckless - Special Assistant
Adventures in Mating - Special Assistant
Reservoir Dolls - Special Assistant
Crooked - Special Assistant
The Glass Menagerie - Special Assistant
Vestal Virgins - Special Assistant