Megan Ahiers



Megan Ahiers (Pooty) is elated to be back at Theater Schmeater, where past credits include Reservoir Dolls, The Twilight Zones: Live! (2011), and An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein. Megan has also worked with The Paradise Theatre School, Pony World Theater, Annex Theater, Balagan Theater, and LiveGirls! Theater. She is on the Steering Committee for 14/48: the world’s quickest theater festival and is a member of the Sandbox Artists Collective. She would like to thank everyone with a finger in this Reckless pie as well as Shawn for his patience, love, and sweet buns. 11/20/11 Megan Ahiers is delighted to be returning to Theater Schmeater after just appearing here in The Twilight Zone: Live! and An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein. In addition to Theater Schmeater, Megan has also appeared onstage for Annex Theatre, LiveGirls! Theater, Balagan Theatre, and Pony World Theatre. Megan is also on the steering committee for 14/48: the world's quickest theatre festival. 5/2011

Plays at Theater Schmeater

Reckless - Actor (Pooty)
Reservoir Dolls - Actor (Nice Gal Edie)