Matthew Middleton



Matthew Middleton (Luke/Nate). Matthew’s recipe for Cradle and All: Mix 5 helpings of prior Schmee shows (Monster, Creation of the World, An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein, Vestal Virgins, and Reckless) with 3 Twilight Zones; add a pinch of Live Girls, a sprig of 14/48 and a sprinkling of Greenstage and Stone Soup. Simmer over low heat and combine with a generous helping of incredibly talented and lovely costar, and a full cup of brilliant director. Season to taste with amazing crew. Let bake for four weeks and serve on a bed of extreme gratitude for delicious awesomeness. JAN 2012 Matthew Middleton (Tom) is thrilled to be back at the Schmee, and would like to throw heaping handfuls of good-natured season’s greetings to all. Matthew has been seen recently treading these boards in The Creation of the World and Other Business, An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein, and Vestal Virgins, as well as working on Monster and various and sordid Twilight Zones. He has also been seen around town in shows with Live Girls!, 14/48 and Greenstage. He’ll be appearing this spring in a rather large mountain range. Big thanks to Carol and this amazing cast for all the Christmas-y cheer! 11/20/11 Matthew is smashing bottles and spitting, he is that thrilled to be back at Schmeater for the second time this year. He starts to pogo wildly as he remembers appearing in An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein, and tears his shirt off thinking of his appearance in last year�s The Creation of the World and Other Business. He fondly remembers the mosh pits of Monster and three Twilight Zone episodes, and pumps his fist in the air to prior performances with Greenstage, Live Girls, and Theater Babylon (RIP). He bites the head off a live bat for this rocking cast, director and playwright! Vestal Virgins - Niko - 11/2010.

Plays at Theater Schmeater

Cradle and All - Actor (Luke and Nate)
Reckless - Actor (Tom)
Vestal Virgins - Actor (Niko Norita)