Dave Baldwin

Scenic Designer, Lighting Designer


Previous Schmee designs include Reckless, The Twilight Zone: Live! (2010 and 2011), The Glass Menagerie, Jihad Jones and the Kalashnikov Babes and Act a Lady. Dave has also arranged photons for Man Alone Productions' premiere production of Vince Delaney's 3 Screams, Arcana at Open Circle, The Rocky Horror Show at Burien Little Theater & Titus Andronicus at GreenStage. 3/2012

Plays at Theater Schmeater

Game Show - Lighting Designer
The Twilight Zone: Live - Lighting Designer
Reckless - Lighting Designer
The Glass Menagerie - Lighting Designer
The Twilight Zone: LIVE! - Lighting Designer
Act A Lady - Lighting Designer