Amy Balazs

Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager


Amy Balazs (Stage Manager). This is Amy's second show at Theater Schmeater, having worked previously on Reckless. She would like to thank Karen Jo Fairbrook for being a theater gateway drug and Teri Lazzara and J.D. Lloyd for giving her the push she needed. Additional thanks to her very supportive family and the staff at The Schmee. Enjoy the show! may 2012 Amy Balazs (ASM) has finally made it to The Schmee. After nearly two years of scheduling conflicts, the moment for her backstage debut has arrived, for which she thanks Karen Jo Fairbrook, Teri Lazzara, and Carol Roscoe. Her next project will be the autobiographical one woman show How to Sleep an Average of 8 Hours a Night. 11/20/11

Plays at Theater Schmeater

Entertaining Mr. Sloane - Stage Manager
Reckless - Assistant Stage Manager