Al Angel

Scenic Designer, Sound Designer, Assistant Scenic Designer, Scenic/Scenery Construction Crew


Writing songs, singing, and playing electrical guitar for his very own rock band in the throbbing crotch of New York City just wasn't enough for good old Al Angel, so he and his thoroughly awesome wife Visola packed up and moved to Seattle, where he now spends a good deal of time alone in his room learning to play the saxophone. He also does occasional scenic design for Theater Schmeater, including sets for Lark Eden and Vestal Virgins, and serves as the Schmee's Staff Carpenter. Thanks to Peggy and the Schmeater gang for their willingness to experiment with original music in a live theater setting. For more of Al's music, old and/or new, direct your web browser to PS Web browser? Is that still what the kids are calling it? "Ap for Internets?" I don't know. Also, it is my fervent hope that by the time this show opens the bandcamp page will have something on it besides "If this is your page, please log in to add content." I believe I can do it! JAN 2013 Theater Schmeater's resident carpenter and occasional designer of sets, Al is very happy to be working on yet another great Schmee show. Thanks to everyone involved, but particularly to the build team, whose level of dedication and hard work has been wonderful and humbling. Thanks also to long-suffering spouse, Visola, who has to hear about it every time he comes home having yet again nicked himself with another power tool. SEPT 2012 Finding himself stranded a continent away from his native coast and disenchanted with theater as a whole, Al considers himself very lucky to have found such a talented and inspired group of people whose commitment to doing high quality work has helped to remind him what drew him to the stage in the first place. Al currently serves on The Schmee's staff as Carpenter, and has worked on such past shows as "An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein", "The Creation of the World and Other Business", and "The Twilight Zone: LIVE", as well as working as Set Designer for "Vestal Virgins" and Assistant Set Designer for "Pageant Play". When not building for Theater Schmeater or composing run-on sentences, Al spends his time with his lovely wife, Visola, gnawing on tree bark, raiding bird-feeders, and stuffing their cute, poofy cheeks with acorns. Or maybe those are squirrels.

Plays at Theater Schmeater

A Behanding in Spokane - Sound Designer
Is He Dead? - Scenic Designer
Lark Eden - Scenic Designer
Reservoir Dolls - Scenic Designer
Pageant Play - Assistant Scenic Designer
Vestal Virgins - Scenic Designer
The Creation of the World and Other Business - Scenic/Scenery Construction Crew