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Trump the King, or POTUS DRUMPH

Nick Edwards, based on the play Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry

In case you haven't noticed there is an election going on! Theater Schmeater is going to add to the mayhem this fall with an original adaptation of Alfred Jerry's iconic Ubu Roi. We've taken a late 19th century French dadaist play (Ubu Roi) as a foundation and built a new play meant for our times and the world we live in. A slightly limited business man survives a corrupting childhood to grow up to become the King of Nowhere, vowing in the process to "Make Nowhere Great Again!" Any similarity to our current real world political season of discontent is purely intentional!

Directed By

Joel Waage

Production Team

Jessamyn Bateman-Iino

Stage Manager

Nick Edwards


David Gordon

Sound Designer

Roger Huston

Scene Shop Foreman

Shannon Miller

Lighting Designer

Tucker O'Connor

Costume Designer

Matthew Ray

Property Master

Joshua Williamson

Fight Choreographer


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