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Questionable Content: 2016, Thank God Thats Over!

The hit comedy panel show that has put Seattle in stitches. Questionable Content brings a cavalcade of comedians, performers and artists to compete in an uproarious battle of wit, deception and knowledge of off-beat pop culture and news. There 's no knowing where the panel 's banter will go and it 's the audience who has the chance to win fabulous prizes. This month Phil Arensberg hosts, keeping the verbal jabs under the belt, ducking the undercuts, and throwing a few haymakers himself. Ian Schuelke is the impartial scorekeeper who doesn't do math. Want to know more, check out our video at OR "Like" us on Facebook at

Production Team

Phill Arensberg

Team Captain

Marita Deleon

Guest Performer

Miranda Holtmann


Bettina McKelvey

Guest Performer

Bhama Roget

Guest Performer

Elicia Sanchez


Ian Schuelke

Score Keeper

Sarah Skilling


Aila Slisco

Guest Performer

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