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Heidi Schreck

Its 1400 and Margery Kempe, new mother, mayors daughter, and successful brewery proprietor has a vision. A visit from Jesus, or is it a deception of Satan? Schrecks' script, offered in surprisingly modern terms, draws a portrait of a woman trapped between irreconcilable worlds: secular and profane, or spiritual and sacred. Either could get her burnt at the stake.

Directed By

Emily Harvey

Production Team

Emma Ambacher

Property Master

Dana Amromin

Sound Designer

Jessamyn Bateman-Iino

Stage Manager

Brandon Estrella

Scenic Designer

Dave Hastings

Technical Director

Dave Hastings

Technical Director

Mary Heffernan

Lighting Designer

Roger Huston

Scenic/Scenery Construction Crew

Brianna Schwartz

Costume Designer

Tom Wiebe

Music Director


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