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My Man Godfrey to open on Jan 27th, 2017
January 2, 2017

ON January 27th we will open My Man Godfrey, adapted from the 1936 Film (Oscar nominated for Best Picture). What we might now call a Rom-Com, "Godfrey" is still a play with a social message, written at a time not like our own when things looked gloomy, people were out of work, and a questions of disparity stalked the land. Even so, it offers some good laughs, a silly romance, and above, a couple of hours where we can forget the outside world and the trials and tribulations that stalk us.  It also...

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Dont Miss 2017 Celebration
November 10, 2016

A Busy Summer
May 2, 2016

ITs getting to be another busy summer here at Theater Schmeater. WE just closed Fatal Footlights, we have new edition of Questionable Content coming on May 6 and 7, rehearsals for Creature are progressing, we've had the first wave of auditions for our  new musical the The Crossing, and plans are well in hand for the rest of the 2016 season.

Soon we will saying bon voyage to our beloved Julia Griffin, who is taking a year or so off from normal life to go to school in Ireland. She's been a major player here at the Schmee for many years, and...

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Theater Schmeater is seeking a Musical Director
March 15, 2016

Theater Schmeater is currently seeking a music director for a summer production of an original musical, The Crossing by Paul Lewis. The Crossing will be directed by Theater Schmeater Artistic Director Doug Staley, and choreographed by Carissa Miesner Smit.

This position will be responsible for all aspects of the musical elements of the production, including but not limited to contributing to casting decisions, musical rehearsals and potentially participating in performances.

The Crossing will open on July 14th, and run until August 13th.

This position is paid.

For more information and queries, please email us at


Power2Give and Theater Schmeater
March 3, 2016

Theater Schmeater and ArtsFund have teamed up through their Power2Give program to try to raise money for our original summer musical, The Crossing, by Paul Lewis. Power2Give is essentially a crowdsource funding program where ArtsFund matches donations.

Musicals are more expensive to produce, be we are sure that the experience of a musical, in our small and intimate space will blow the socks off the audience. It will also help bring new audiences into our theater, who otherwise might take a chance on a small theater in the heart of Belltown. And if successful, then we hope that producing original summer...

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Theater 101
February 29, 2016

If your reading this I’m probably already preaching to the choir, but over the last few months we here at the Schmee have noticed that more and people don’t have, or most likely have never be exposed, any theater etiquette. So here are a few pointers, offered not in judgment but in the hope that people new to the live theater can have a pleasurable experience.

Live theater does not have previews. Unlike movies, which post a 9:30 start time and then precedes the feature with 15 minutes of trailers and commercials, live theater tends to start on the time listed...

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General Auditions at The Schmee a blast
February 8, 2016

Thanks to all of you who came in and auditioned in our 2016 general auditions this last weekend. We saw some great talent and memorable cuttings. Present at the auditions were our casting directors, the director for all our shows through the summer, and a representative from TCM Models and Talent.

IF we want to talk to see you again we will contact you-- probably for a round of call backs when the show's are cast. If you don't hear from us don't take that to mean anything either way. We keep your headshots and resumes on file and regularly pull from our files when the need arises.

Thanks again....

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Director's note for our current production of In Arabia, We'd All Be Kings.
January 30, 2016


It's easy to surmise someone's life for them.  It's easy to see a woman walking Aurora in broken heels and know what decisions she made to get her there.  It's easy to see a couple of kids begging for change and decide why they're there.  It's easy to make these assumptions that determine the world around us.  

What's not easy is to realize that we're all the same.  There are stories that our culture likes to sweep under the rug.  We don't always like to look at the dirty side. Most of the time, we like to think that we are...

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Theater Schmeater is looking for a few good laughs....
January 6, 2016

Theater Schmeater is looking for scripts for our 2016 Fresh Plays Reading Series. Specifically, we're looking for smart, funny comedies written by local playwrights that could benefit from a public reading at our Belltown space. New writing, plays by women and scripts with a different social/ethnic viewpoint are particularly encouraged. Small cast sizes and uncomplicated sets are a definite plus!  Please submit scripts to our literary manager, John Longenbaugh at

A Hello, and a Good Bye!
December 16, 2015

I want to extend a warm welcome to Carissa Miesner-Smit as our new Managing Director. I've know Carissa a few years now, and have always admired her work and theater dedication. She is one of those people who asks "What needs to be done" and picks up a hammer, or paint brush, or less excitingly, a keyboard and gets what ever needs doing done-- and you find yourself following her along. Carissa has been working with  the theater as a staff member off and on over the last three or so years so she's been part of the gang for a...

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